Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Ontario’s and Auto Insurance Fraud

Nearly 3 in 10 get a failing grade when tested on their knowledge of fraud.

83% BABY BOOMERS and 56% MILLENIALS pass knowledge tests on the subject of fraud.

Men are significantly more likely to have engaged in fraudulent behaviour as are Millenials.

Nearly 10% of Ontarians admit to engaging in fraudulent behaviour.

Almost 20% know a friend who has made an exaggerated or false auto insurance claim.

58% would be comfortable reporting someone of fraud.

10% of Ontarians believe it’s okay to defraud an insurance company.

Types of Fraud:

Asking a body repair shop to add additional repairs to a car damaged in an accident.

Claiming injury from an auto accident when uninjured.

Staging a car accident and submitting an insurance claim.

Exaggerating the value of contents stolen when filing an insurance claim.

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***Ipsos survey results, February 2017***