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Our website features an array of customized portals tailored to meet the needs of our various regulated sectors and audiences.


Ways to Find Information on the FSCO Website


Listed below are four links that should help you quickly navigate to the information you need. Use the method(s) that best work for you:


FSCO Home Page

Go to the FSCO home page if you want a direct link to the following information:


Site Search

If you want to search by keywords, you can use the site search function. The search box can be found on the upper right-hand corner of every FSCO web page. To start a search, enter a word or phrase in the search box, then press the Enter key on your keyboard. To get better results, refer to the search tips given below.

More words

The more information you provide, the better the results. To return more relevant results, use more words in your search. For example, search “Ontario Pension Plan” instead of just “pension”.

Not case sensitive

A search query in lower case, UPPER CASE, oR a CoMBiNAtiOn returns the same search results.

Exact quotes

If you know the exact name or title of what you’re searching for, put quotes around the phrase. For example, searching “Ontario Automobile Insurance Policy” only returns pages with that exact phrase.

Common words like the/of/it/and

Frequently used “stop words” will be ignored by the search engine. For example, a search for “the Financial Services Commission” or “Financial Services Commission” returns the same results.

Narrow your search

Once Search Results come up you can narrow your search:

By Modified Date:
On the left had side of the screen click on the link to one of these time periods: Past 24 hours, Past Week, Past Month, Past Six Months, Past Year or Earlier.

By Result Type:
Click on the link to html or pdf to display search results that contain only the file type that you chose.

Popular Pages

You may be looking for information that others have looked at previously. In this case, it may be helpful to browse through a list of our frequently visited pages.

Site Map

The site map provides a high-level listing of pages on the entire FSCO website arranged by the following main categories: FSCO information sources, services and regulated sectors.


Technical Help

Alternative File Formats

Adobe PDF

To view, print and annotate Adobe PDF files, a FREE copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe website [New Window].


To run videos on the site, the Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher is required. The Flash Player is integrated with Internet Explorer in Windows 10, so you do not need to install Flash Player. If you have a different version of Windows or are using another operating system, you can download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player FREE from the Adobe website [New Window].

A number of FSCO videos are also available on YouTube. If you want to know if your computer can run YouTube videos, refer to the YouTube system requirements [New Window].


Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

There are some Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the FSCO website. If you don’t have these applications installed on your computer, you can still view and print these documents by using the Word, Excel or PowerPoint Viewer that can be downloaded FREE from the Microsoft website. Refer to the links below to download the Viewer that you need:


Online Licensing Systems

To use the FSCO Online Licensing Systems, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 7.0.3 and you have the following internet requirements in place:


  • A secure high-speed internet connection via Cable, DSL or wireless access
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Pop-ups enabled
  • 128-bit encryption enabled
  • Security protocol TLS 1.2

These internet requirements apply to the following FSCO Online Licensing Systems:



Many websites, including, use cookies to “remember” information about you and your visit to the site. A cookie is a message sent by the website to your computer that in turn saves the message as a small text file. Each time you access that website, your computer sends the saved message back to the site server. Cookies make visiting the site more convenient because you do not have to “reintroduce” yourself with each visit.

To read about your privacy when visiting our website, visit the Government of Ontario privacy statement [New Window].


A plug-in is a program that enables your browser to provide a very specific function “on demand”.  For example, a plug-in may be used to access video, audio or other special file formats. When a plug-in is required for our site, you will see clear instructions on your computer screen on how to acquire and install it.




Learn what FSCO and the Ontario Government [New Window] is doing to comply with the accessible customer service regulation and what our customers may expect from us. Also find helpful tips to improve the accessibility of this website for all users.


Website Feedback


FSCO welcomes suggestions on how we can improve the service we provide through our website. You can also contact us if you need help finding information on the website or would like to notify us about problems such as a broken link. For these types of website-specific communications, email us at


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