Statistics at a Glance - 2007

​Monitoring 2007

FSCO undertakes a number of monitoring activities as part of its regulatory functions. It conducts criminal record checks, compliance audits, and reviews complaints in the sectors it regulates.
Category (click titles for definitions) Q1​ Q2​ Q3​ Q4​ Cumulative Total
Complaint Reviews n/a*​ ​n/a* ​0 ​0 ​2

Investigations 2007

The purpose of an investigation is to gather evidence to support regulatory action, specifically a prosecution or administrative proceeding.
Category (click titles for definitions) Q1​ ​Q2 ​Q3 Q4 Cumulative Total
Investigations Initiated (Contraventions of the Loan & Trust Corporations Act)​
Loan & Trust Corporations ​n/a* ​n/a* ​2 ​0 ​0

* This page contains Monitoring and Enforcement-related statistical data from July 1, 2007 onward.